Turning the Tide

For those who live in Scandinavia the intense and dramatic ascent of the Sun and with it the increase in light hours occurring in the weeks leading up to Mid-Summer cannot be ignored.  Not only do the days become noticeably longer and longer, but the Sunrise and Sunset location move significantly towards the North inContinue reading “Turning the Tide”

The Hamlet Speech

During the past several months I have been invited to hold talks at various “freedom” rallies. Below is a comprehensive summary of these talks, related here as a gift from William “Shake-Speare” to the Danish peoples:

Welcome to the “Reclaimed Society and Establishment of the Three Sectors” Blog!

Part One of “Oz” Posts – During the last 42 years, I have been researching the “hidden knowledge” of the Three Social Sectors. You may never have heard much about this before, but that is only because this knowledge is so powerful, that if we begin to manifest but a small part of the wisdomContinue reading “Welcome to the “Reclaimed Society and Establishment of the Three Sectors” Blog!”

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