The Hamlet Syndrome

By now it is known in Denmark, that there is a new name for the malaise which of us have long been stricken by.  It has now been defined by our Health Minister as a “Socially Critical Illness”.  This “illness” first received a name in the proposed 280-page Epidemic Law document which was revoked here in Denmark two weeks ago.  

The great advantage of having received a name for an illness, is that one can then begin to search for a means of healing. One can finally begin to ask oneself:  Is there a remedy for this illness?  At that moment of introspection, one starts an inwards journey on the search to discover what could at least ease the symptoms, but when one wants to go deeper and find healing or a lasting cure, then one will search for the source of the disease.

No Doctor would attempt to heal a patient, without trying to gain a deep understanding of the patient’s body and bodily symptoms, the patient’s inner psychological framework and the life situation.

Any engineer knows that it would not be clever to attempt to build a bridge before one has seriously examined the terrain on both sides of the river and to gain a firm understanding of the underground foundation of the respective banks.  One would want to know whether the bridge was to connect granite with granite, sandstone with limestone, sand with a marsh – or any other combination of Earthly ground formation.  

What is nothing other than daily and common sense implemented logic for a true Doctor or an Engineer is not always easy to grasp when one attempts to examine the forces at play in Social Life.  The Social Life forces are initially as equally intangible as the forces at play in health and illness. Today, when speaking with others about the mounting crisis of our present time, one hears a wide variety of views as to how the Social Life will be transformed in the future.  These manifold views may seem confusing, but the underlying themes in the multiple variations, can be clustered into two main groups.

Many express the idea that there is presently a Great Awakening occurring in all of humanity; that there are planetary constellations presently imminent which will lead to a massive change of consciousness, and that when this happens, the Social Life questions will all be solved on the other side of the bridge.  Others explain that our DNA is being upgraded and we will soon come to a higher resonance of energy and love.  The underlying implication being that these higher resonances or upgraded DNA will miraculously transform us all into more socially mature beings who will instinctively – or perhaps automatically – treat each other in a better fashion.  The supporters and illustrators of these type of discussions as to how our present-day social chaos, which has arisen through a cumulation of forces of pure diabolical nature will soon be transformed, could identify themselves as members or followers of the so called “New Age”, Gnostics, Occultists, Christians – or some manifestation or combination of any of these. 

On the other hand, there are President Trump followers who promote the ideas and opinions stating that there is a “Plan” which we should all “Trust” and that when President Trump’s “Plan” is carried out, we will all land in some kind of paradise on Earth.  At the same time there are men and women who are excited about the fact that a contender to the British Throne has shown up with all the signs of being the rightful King of the United Kingdom.  Others I know have approached a man whose genealogy makes him a rightful King of Germany and they are hoping for this King in waiting to be able to step in as a new leader for Germany.

I will refrain from expressing an opinion as to whether Trump is a benevolent leader or not, or whether any of these throne followers are rightful. Neither do I wish to comment upon the present and forthcoming astrological constellations and how these may affect or even reflect themselves as changes in human consciousness levels.  On the other hand however, it presents an inconsistency of thought, that the same people who do not believe that the presently promoted and highly feared virus is anything more than DNA or RNA cell debris, could simultaneously believe that some unseen heavenly or quantum field forces could automatically change our DNA and that this in turn would transform us into better human beings who could collectively take care of each other and our living space Earth. 

It is perhaps significant to point out, that no matter what may happen within any of these prophesized scenarios, the ability of either the heavenly bodies, intra-galactic beings or a “Trump Plan” to have a positive effect upon any envisioned “society at large” depends upon each of us, our inner understanding, and our willingness to transform what is now a mostly unconscious Social Life maneuvering into a modus operandi based upon an inner, well cultivated and heart based intelligence –  based upon the feeling of what is right and correct to bring into our common interactions at any given moment.  It does not make logical sense, that we would somehow have landed on this planet thousands of years ago, be led into unfathomable depths of collective misery, mutual murder and self-destruction, and then, suddenly, we would wake up one morning to a “New World” – without at least a significant number of men and women being active to bring about the change both inwardly and outwardly.  

As even Shakespeare repeatedly gave expression to 400 years ago:  the planetary bodies in their ever-changing constellations express possibilities and windows of opportunity for the initiation of actions – either good or evil – but are not the actions in themselves.  The heavenly bodies are dependent upon our own thoughts and deeds to be able to manifest their transforming possibilities here on Earth. 

Is not the main activity of finding and declaring one’s inner sovereignty an awakening to an inner voice of freedom which speaks its own language?  This inner voice – which demands freedom –  does not require or expect a “savior” from without, from another planet, or in the form of yet another President or world leader, but speaks the words that even a three year old in his childlike wisdom demands:  “Let me do it, alone!” Or “I can! I can!”.

This is of course in no way implying, that, when we begin to search inside ourselves for answers, we do not receive help.  Yes, those who search shall find.  But the Kingdom of Heaven is in the I AM. As we begin to source this Kingdom of Heaven within ourselves, we begin to hear what this inner voice has to say about transforming the Social Life. Moreover, we cannot access this inner voice, without awakening to the dire need for Social Life metamorphosis.

Our collective Social Life history shows us that we have been increasingly socially spoon-fed for hundreds of years.  Previous and existing Social Structures – based upon leadership embodied in Pharaohs or Emperors appointed by an All-Encompassing God, positions of Royalty inherited through the bloodlines, or the modern-day form of few and far off quasi-elected and quasi-democratic leaders – no longer serve the needs of humanity.  They have led us further and further into an inner social blind and deafness, passivity and ensuring paralysis.  Instead of grasping our own inner sovereignty and inner fire of the will to transform the social life, we take a further step towards Social Life infancy where we actively wish for a GI-Tube implantation and formula feeding solution by putting our entire hopes and expectations into the movements of the heavenly bodies, inter-galactic beings, secret space programs or political leadership changes.  In this way we continue to drag a dystopian past life into the as yet undefined future.

This I call:  The Hamlet Syndrome.  Hamlet remains in a “wait and see” position.  He does not know how to act.  He might argue that destiny has not been kind to him – but not only did he not prepare for the unknown future; prepare for becoming a King when he could have been doing it, but when suddenly confronted with the ultimate darkness of the despotic situation, he does not wake up, does not act, but waivers, falls inwardly ill, and then actually allows for the ensuing sequence of events.

An awakening to inner Sovereignty means an awakening to an inner plan of action.  

The ideas illustrated in reference to the Three Sectors allows each of us to begin to realize that we can grasp the Scepter and wear the Crown. It helps us to awaken to a deep understanding of what can be done in any given moment in respect to the Social Life.  It allows us to go through this inner awakening based upon a growth of moral understanding – an inner understanding which is in no way imposed upon us from without – neither through any Church related dogma, nor through any irrelevant man-made laws, nor through social pressure.  It allows for us to begin to inwardly awaken and reshape and revitalize all earlier ingrained ideas about the Social Life – which were previously masked in a grey fog of preception.

We can begin to see contours and colors, to see forms and structures which lead us to an understanding of the dynamics present within the Social Life.  We see and are offered opportunities for shaping this life as we gain the tools of transformation.

This heals us of the trauma of the Hamlet Syndrome and awakens us to the inner realization that we can stand within our own inner strength and integrity in order to turn the present Social Life inside out – to build entirely new future forms of relationships within the Three Social Spheres.

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