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Each man, woman and child is a sovereign being, we are born sovereign and have intrinsic sovereignty. God gave man Dominion. How do we access the highest realms in our search for a renewed process of conceiving the long overdue true transformation of Society in such a way that will manifest this internal divine sovereignty in each and all of our social interactions? The Social Life is long awaiting a foundational overhaul and renewal. Following the Understanding of the Three Sectors leads to the realization of the magnificent roll each sovereign individual can play in respect to each and every human being on this Earth.

Eksistensgrundlag for Samfundets Fornyelse

Anden udgave 2022

Forord til anden udgave

Efter næsten et år er det muligt at udgive denne lille bog igen. Det er nemt at konstatere, at ødelæggelsen af samfundet ikke er blevet mindre, og den trang til at begynde en fornyelse af samfundsforholdene, som beskrives i bogen, ikke er blevet mindre livsnødvendig. Desværre kan man kun se bekræftelser på, at samfundet og sammen med det hele civilisationen fortsat bevæger sig mod en afgrund, og at denne udvikling vil fortsætte, indtil mennesker beslutter sig til en så vidtgående indre og ydre forvandling som den, der forsøges beskrevet i denne bog.

Vor hjertelige tak går til Lars Thor Smith for hans omsorgsfulde arbejde med at rette de fejl, der fandtes i første udgave, som blev udgivet i al hast, under indflydelse af tidens nød.

Diane Vincentz  Oktober 2022

The Foundation Stone for Societal Renewal

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I invite you to join and let the videos introduce you to the wisdom of the Three Social Sectors.

Dr. Guido Preperata writes about Perishable Money in the
Threefold Society

Goethe’s Fairy Tale written in response to the French Revolution reveals – what occurs when the Three Sectors can be freed up to rule in independence.

For those with endurance and fortitude: Read all fourteen lectures of the Global Economy Course by Dr. Rudolf Steiner.

About Me

The photo shows me in my kitchen apron, to emphasize the truth in the fact that Everyone and Anyone can become an expert on Reclaiming the Economy and the Social Sectors.  Moreover, with an intrinsic House Wife intuition and understanding,  you will most likely be better equipped than if you have received a PhD. in Economy or Social Engineering!  My life started in Chicago, but  brought me to England, Switzerland, and to East Germany just after the Wall went down and now Denmark. As a Eurythimist and Stage Artist, my favourite roles were witches and odd animals.  For the last 20 years, I have worked extensively with the parents of Special Needs Children in many countries of Europe, witnessing how the weakened organisms own internal economy plays a devastating role in chronic and debilitating conditions.