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Each man, woman and child is a sovereign being, we are born sovereign and have intrinsic sovereignty. God gave man Dominion. How do we access the highest realms in our search for a renewed process of conceiving the long overdue true transformation of Society in such a way that will manifest this internal divine sovereignty in each and all of our social interactions? The Social Life is long awaiting a foundational overhaul and renewal. Following the Understanding of the Three Sectors leads to the realization of the magnificent roll each sovereign individual can play in respect to each and every human being on this Earth.

Welcome to the “Reclaimed Society and Establishment of the Three Sectors” Blog!

During the last 42 years, I have been researching the “hidden knowledge” of the Three Social Sectors. You may never have heard much about this before, but that is only because this knowledge is so powerful, that if we begin to manifest but a small part of the wisdom that the knowledge of the Three Sectors is imbued with, we will watch the entire psychopathically constructed matrix of our present-day Social Life Organization – of which we are all an unwanted part of – begin to dissolve in front of our eyes.

It will dissolve exactly as the so-named “Wicked Witch of the West” in the film called: The Wizard of Oz melted away, when Dorothy cast the water onto her burning dress! Dorothy was so intrinsically filled with empathy that she was amazed, apologized, and almost wanted to save her! Luckily however Dorothy could not do this, and the Wicked Witch of the West withered and smelted down into the ground to nothing, being eradicated by something as dangerous as: Water!

She screeched out as she was disappearing:

“I’m melting! I’m melting…”

Dorothy was dumbfounded at the sight of the dissolving Wicked Witch of the West. She wore a face of bewilderment that we will never forget – as little as we will forget the absolutely stunning performance made by Margaret Hamilton in her embodiment of the amazing creature: The Wicked Witch of the West!

Margaret Hamilton was severely burnt on the film set, as were her two subsequent “stand-ins” when they tried to film her evil doings and demise as the Witch. Somehow the real Spirit of the Wicked Witch of the West did not want this scene to succeed – for very good reasons! All the children’s hearts who watched this film year after year were also dumbfounded and relieved as they saw the empty heap of clothes where the Witch had been evilly glouting one moment before.

The story plays on in the hearts and minds of millions of men and women. – What is the Water? Why can water alone destroy something as evil as this Witch?

Will we get burnt, when we melt her down? No, not at all – she will simply liquefy and the Scarecrow with his newly acquired intelligence can lift her dress to be sure that she is not there any longer.

At that moment all the paralyzed Munchkins will begin to cheer: “Hail to Dorothy – the Wicked Witch is dead!”

On this blog you can accompany me and discover how it is that we together can unlock this and other Fairy Tales to gain the Hidden Knowledge necessary for melting down the Wicked Witch of the West, who, through the knowledge that she and her collaborators hold hidden from the rest of us, manage to make us believe that we need to follow a road made of Bricks of Gold to the City of Oz – or Ounces of Gold – in order to find our own true happiness.

Frank Baum, the Author of The Wizard of Oz, was a seer, who was laid off from his work as a journalist for having opinions which those controlling The Secrets of the Gold did not want the general populace to hear. As a Seer and a Gnostic and a Theosophist – as well as a supporter of the political party named the “Populists”, he created a Gnostic Coup by succeeding to bring the Hidden Information needed for melting down witches to children and childlike hearts around the world for decades. In effect – we now all know what to do and can find the wisdom necessary by following our hearts. As the Good Witch tells Dorothy: “You had the knowledge and ability all along.”

Let us take to the road towards the True Understanding – the True Wisdom of Gold – where we can uncover the Man Behind the Curtain in order to reclaim that which is our Sovereign Right – and again be crowned to rule as Sovereign Men and Women, imbued with True Thoughts, Heart Intelligence, and a Courageous Will of Fiery Warmth – fully resurrected from our Munchkin state of fearful enslavement


I invite you to join and let the videos introduce you to the wisdom of the Three Social Sectors.


Dr. Guido Preperata writes about Perishable Money in the
Threefold Society

Goethe’s Fairy Tale written in response to the French Revolution reveals – what occurs when the Three Sectors can be freed up to rule in independence.

For those with endurance and fortitude:
Read all fourteen lectures of the Global Economy Course by Dr. Rudolf Steiner.

About Me

The photo shows me in my kitchen apron, to emphasize the truth in the fact that Everyone and Anyone can become an expert on Reclaiming the Economy and the Social Sectors.  Moreover, with an intrinsic House Wife intuition and understanding,  you will most likely be better equipped than if you have received a PhD. in Economy or Social Engineering!  My life started in Chicago, but  brought me to England, Switzerland, and to East Germany just after the Wall went down and now Denmark. As a Eurythimist and Stage Artist, my favourite roles were witches and odd animals.  For the last 20 years, I have worked extensively with the parents of Special Needs Children in many countries of Europe, witnessing how the weakened organisms own internal economy plays a devastating role in chronic and debilitating conditions.