The Hamlet Speech

During the past several months I have been invited to hold talks at various “freedom” rallies.  Below is a comprehensive summary of these talks, related here as a gift from William “Shake-Speare” to the Danish peoples:

Today I bring a message from William Shakespeare. 

He sends an honourable greeting to the future Kings and Queens of Denmark.  

He asks whether you are willing to uncover and discover our own inner sovereignty and to accept the crown:  The Corona-tion?

You see, William Shakespeare was a master in depicting the dynamics of despicable darkness which the human soul can descend into – especially embodied in the figures of sovereign rulers such as kings and queens.  At the same time these dramatic descriptions relate to inner battles which each man and woman is confronted with when searching for his own inner voice and inner sovereignty.

We stand now at the edge of darkness.  We no longer need to ask ourselves, or to wonder, what is at the bottom of the unfathomable abyss.  Klaus Schwab and the self-appointed Davos mob of the World Economic Forum are now speaking to us in clear words and in unveiled language. In the book named: The Fourth Industrial Revolution, and on the website of the World Economic Forum, their own crafted plots for a dystopian future are revealed which requires that “we” – the living men and women of this Earth –  supply the essential last link and the actual “Key” to their rollout of their Artificial “Living” Intelligence on this planet.

Klaus Schwab and his morally destitute gang more than earn the words describing putrefaction which Shakespeare repeatedly uses in the play called Hamlet – where we hear of “foul and pestilent congregation of vapours,” which causes Hamlet to rot with a “diseased will” – being paralysed by the vapours.

At the earliest years of the 1600’s, at that very moment in history where Sovereign Nation States and Governments as we know them today were in their first infancies, Shakespeare wrote the play called Hamlet.  Early in the play we hear the famous words: “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.”  Long before moving to Denmark I myself began to wonder why Shakespeare – who was a Hermetic Scholar and a Seer of seldom proportions – should single out Denmark in a such a manner.  Why would he point an admonishing finger of warning so directly at Denmark as he never did in respect to any other country?

It is clear that Shakespeare does not write: “in the country of Denmark”.  He does not mention the geographical landmass including 443 named islands, archipelagos, shore-  and coastlines with both submerged and semi-submerged areas.  He says nothing about the peoples being the descendants of Vikings and of Scandanavian and Germanic Tribes.  No, he simply says “the State of Denmark”.

A few Acts later however, we hear Hamlet speak the most famous line in all of the World’s Literature: “To be or Not to be – that is the question.”  And again – it was necessary for me to be inwardly traumatized and shaken – not only by the outer world events of the day – which were the planned and executed slaughter of 15 million minks on the Danish mink farms –  but also by the extreme difficulty one is met with when attempting to discuss any concrete ideas which could potentially help us to disengage from the fall over the edge of the abyss. 

Suddenly, in this moment of inner darkness, the meaning of these words became clear.   

Hamlet has been away from Helsingor Castle enjoying life.  He is away studying, having drunken parties with his comrades and doing everything one can expect a young prince would be doing – whilst at the same time not being too terribly attentive to the fact that he himself is the “government in waiting”.  

He is called back to the castle because his father, the King of Denmark, is dead.  For a young Prince the Father’s funeral will also be the simultaneous Coronation. Hamlet is to become the new King.  As he arrives at the castle however, he finds that nothing is as he expected it to be.  It seems that his mother has been having an affair with his father’s brother.  She is planning to marry him, and in this manner is passing the Crown horizontally to Hamlet’s Uncle. At the same time Hamlet’s mother has factually placed Hamlet in the position of being a “contender” to the throne.  Hamlet can find no moral outlet.  Should he kill his mother – a morally abominable deed – in order to morally revenge his father and receive the crown?

Hamlet finds himself in moral freefall.  Everything he was prepared for concerning his own life and his future is swept away.  The blood lines are severed.  He can no longer rely on any semblance of the past life or moral traditions.  He cannot fathom what the future will bring.

His own mother – the one who bore him into the world – his own first love as he entered life – has become his mortal enemy.  He has no one to turn to and there is no one he can trust.  The Ghost of Hamlet’s Father reveals how his own mother and his uncle conspired to kill the King and poured a deadly poison into his ear when he was sleeping. 

It is in this moment of a massive and dark awakening that Hamlet asks himself:  To be or not to be, that is the question?

What is the only answer which we can find to this inner question in such moments of intense darkness, should we not wish for the stage to be littered with corpses by the end of the play which is our present life?  

The only meaningful answer which echoes within us, is that we find our own true inner sovereignty and hear the inner voice of the: “I AM” – and the “I AM which speaks to the I AM”.  

The play tells us that Hamlet is uncertain, suspicious – he is afraid, and filled with doubts.  He wavers in his actions and is paralysed.  Then, to mask his doubts and his plans for action, he feigns madness – pretending to be crazy, feeble and deranged.  

Ophelia – his own hidden love – cannot find Hamlet’s inner being.  She is dependent upon his inner fortitude, his own sovereignty, for orientation and guidance.  She is lost and overcome by the darkness of the moral freefall, and thus, she drowns herself.

Shakespeare, in his love for anagrams and his tendency to create names which reveal the inner essence of his characters, has told us in plain language who Ophelia – pronounced as: “O – phili – A” – is.  In reversing the first and last vowels we read the voice of the “I am the Alpha and the Omega”, with the middle syllable of her name being the Greek word for the love of the soul.   Ophelia represents the all-encompassing love which has created our being – the divine world soul to which each of us belongs.  

What realizations can we make when we begin to meet with our own sovereign internal voice of the I AM?  We begin to notice that this I AM has a most essential and fundamental necessity which it needs to have fulfilled. This necessity is even more fundamental for our inner development than our physical bodies need for air, food and drink: and this is the desire for Freedom.  Our inner being needs to be free.  We need to experience freedom because we constantly strive for further inner change and inner growth.  We know that tomorrow, we can be better than we are today.  We are created in the state of development, and now our inner transformation has been left over for ourselves to complete.  Each and every one of us needs to be able to take the reins into his own hands; to be able to map his or her own path.  

We need to be free to ask ourselves the question as to what it is, we need for our own development.  Do we need access to music, music instruments, orchestras or concerts?  Do we need to see or read plays?  Do we wish to do scientific research, study history or languages?  Are we craftsmen or craftswomen, botanists who wish to change the qualities of plants? Is architecture something we burn for inwardly? Is it dance or sport? In whichever way we look out into this world of “Cultural Life” we find that the “I Am” needs utter and unquestionable freedom.

No state or government can tell a teacher how to teach a pupil, nor can it tell a Doctor how to treat a patient – without instantly discrediting itself and becoming a putrefied and “rotten State”.  In Denmark, we have experienced so called School “Reforms” where the Government tells teachers exactly how to fill each moment of the day with their pupils. There have been Hospital “Reforms” which entail fixed and rigid protocols created by pharmaceutical interest groups telling each Doctor in Denmark exactly how to “treat” patients.  If the Doctor does not follow these protocols, then he or she loses his license to practice medicine. In essence, only a State gone rotten and full of maggots can pretend that it is justified in making such decisions. 

In every last corner of the cultural life where the crown of Freedom needs to be worn by each and every sovereign man and woman, the State is stifling us by getting mixed up in our own sovereign affairs.   Sovereignty in the cultural life is defined by absolute Freedom of the individual – and moreover – the Freedom we require in the Cultural Life is far more extensive than the Freedoms given to any man or woman by any of the past Constitutions or Magna Carta-like documents.

Yet, when we are in these lofty spheres – where each achievement of another man or woman can become a spring board for our own further development, where we experience a sort of hyper- individualism, where “I” determine my own path of what “I” need to do and when exactly “I” need to do it,  where I am a creator creating with the creation; then the “I Am” becomes aware that there is an entirely polar opposite sphere in the social life – this being the Sphere where we are essentially interconnected in a contrary manner.    This is the Sphere of Economics – being the Sphere within our Social Life where we create goods, distribute goods and products, and also consume these products.

Many people say: “I have worked hard for what I have earned, and no one can tell me that I should consider taking care of others.”  Well, this statement needs to be balanced with the existing reality.  

Myself, I have realized that I am a Queen Bee – with absolutely millions of hives of bees taking care of me.  There is not a piece of clothing on my body or in my cupboards that I have sewn myself – not to speak about the cultivating of the plants or the animals which created the fabrics, or the weaving of these fabrics, or tanning of leathers. No furniture in the house, no devices and instruments which ease the work of making food or cleaning, little of the food, the energy, the car, the roads the buildings, the lamps –  my goodness – the list goes on and on of what those millions of beehives of bees have been doing for me my entire life!  We are already highly developed “altruists” within the economic life, but we do not even realize it.  Therefore, when he begin to understand this,  we also start to appreciate that the wealth created by the modern economic endeavors – which have been able to make our physical presence on this planet infinitively more comfortable by reducing the hardships of the earlier self-sufficient life-style – this economic richness, the created wealth, allows us – moreover requires of us – that we take care of each other.  

We begin to notice that the atmosphere within the economic life is a completely different one than the winds which are blowing in the lofty heights of the cultural life.   The crown of sovereignty which we wear in the cultural life has the word “Freedom” engraved in bold, golden letters, but the crown of any sovereign man or woman within the economic sphere is engraved with the words of brotherhood, sisterhood and the spirit of altruism.

Being caught as it were, by two polar dynamics of the crown of Freedom and the crown of Brotherhood, we are reminded that since time immemorial the Sphere of the Judicial has been symbolized by the Scales.  The Scales symbolize the Sphere in which we are able to weigh out and to feel what is necessary for each of us and do this from an internally heart-based understanding.  It can nevermore be that laws are made which only “serve” one or another economic or power class of humanity.  Laws serving righteousness, will serve each of us in this Judicial and Rights Sphere when we also learn to wear the crown of Equality – before the law.

This is the Common-sense solution to the so-called “samfundskritiske sygdomme”- meaning “socially critical illness”which was recently given a name by the Danish government.  Those who have been struck by this illness know that it is chronic.  It does not go away; it is painful and is searching for a healing hand of wisdom and insight.

This is the true “government in waiting”, the Sleeping-beauty Social Life Solution.  Thorns and bramble bushes have grown up around the castle, but each of us can begin to sharpen the swords of understanding and cut them down.

One hundred years ago, Rudolf Steiner – in books, articles and hundreds of lectures, revealed the understanding of the Three Spheres.  This understanding is in no way an “Agenda” and neither is it a “theory” which can be “applied” towards social life engineering – one of the so-called “isms” of socialism, communism, Maoism or capitalism.

No, it is a sketched out understanding of the forces at play within our common social life. When we first grasp our own true inner sovereignty from the depths of our being and recognise the polar dynamics of the three interconnected, but equally sovereign spheres of social interactions and social life, it is then possible to begin to ease the destruction which we are presently creating for each other in the modern day darkness of confusion within these Social Life spheres.

As we begin to grasp the reality of the three spheres, we begin to see their inner dynamic.  We will help these sectors to emerge and to create their own sovereign boarders and sovereign jurisdictions – whereby the manners and customs necessary in one sphere cannot be transferred to another.  Then each sphere can begin to thrive and to flourish out of the higher natural laws which reign within each of them.  

The most essential of natural laws being: “You may not cause harm” will begin to be understood by each sphere in its own manner.  One may not cause harm within the Cultural Sphere by impeding or hindering any man, woman or child from achieving their highest potential. 

On the other hand, one may not cause harm to any man, woman or child within the Economic Sphere by creating or allowing for the creation of any system of monetary exchange which ensures the avalanche of riches and assets to the top of the pyramid and leaves the 99.99 percent of the population in ever growing poverty and destitution.

Laws created can only be honorable laws.  The honorable laws will also ensure the stability of the boarders and jurisdictions within the three spheres.

Then it will happen, at the festival held in wonderful Danish tradition, where huge bonfires are built at every inch of shoreline along the thousands of miles of the Danish coast, where the waves and waters wash upon the beaches and the wind blows as it is accustomed to on Saint John’s Tide Evening – on those evenings of commemorating the man who wrote the Revelation of Saint John, one will tell each other the stories of how:  one was on the edge of darkness and slipping down a slippery slope, the bloodlines were severed, the ties to the security of the past were broken, the future was equally dark and unknown.  At that moment the Danish men and women returned from the provinces and the joyful partying, they gained their own inner sovereignty.  They grasped the Three Crowns and began to honourably and respectfully sector the social life.  In 2020 the proposed “Epidemic Law” – which was epic and monumental in its’ 270 odd pages of a dystopian declaration of an unforetold and far-reaching fascism – was rolled back.  The so-called government abdicated and absconded – leaving for unknown lands.

Most of all, at this festival, the promises will be made – that never ever will one allow for an ancient pyramid-based power system, which has been dragged along since ancient Egyptian times, being held up by some pillars of Roman “rights of citizens”, where the entire matrix can be controlled by some far off and anonymous few;  being mammoth and megalomanic in its cancerous growth and accumulation of power potential – never will such a rotten State plant its feet, take root in the soil, or attempt to raise a jurisdiction over the sovereign heads of the Sons and Daughters of Hamlet again.

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