Who is the Scarecrow, the Tinman and the Lion?

Part Three of “Oz” Posts –

Let us return again to the Scarecrow the Tinman and the Cowardly Lion.  Who are they and what do the represent? 

We remember that the Scarecrow constantly complained about his lack of a brain. In spite of this fact, it was often the Scarecrow who was clever enough to find solutions to the problems the four experienced on their journey.  So, even without a brain, the Scarecrow was clear in his thinking and understanding of the problems being confronted and often created a cool and analytical pole to the emotional lack of problem-solving abilities of the other two characters.

The Tinman laments that when he was built, his creator forgot to add a heart. His lack of a heart has turned him into a stiff man of tin who can no longer move, without being oiled.  He shows us what happens to our inner self when we no longer have empathy and pity for each other.  He himself however is sad about this and he often cries when something terrible happens. He shows empathy and pity where the others do not do it. In fact, he has more of a heart than his companions, in spite of his claim to not having one.

The Cowardly Lion completes the Trinity in lacking Courage or Will forces.  He moans that he is frightened and is without courage. However, he is able to pull himself together and show true courage when needed.

In spite of these three characters being immature, almost teenage and obviously “on the road to development”, the Wizard of Oz in the end finally abdicates his secretive throne in Oz when the three characters representing mankind’s ability to Think, to Feel and to be a being of Will appear before him in their own independent sovereignty demanding justice for Dorothy.  The Wizard actually allows for them to discover his presence and is revealed as being the imbecilic being who he actually is.

The Wizard then crowns the Three – each in their own right – and leaves them behind to rule in Oz in a much better fashion than he himself could ever have done it, having to rely on illusion to maintain his power.

Can we recognize the Three Sectors Future – as being separately ruled each in their own independent jurisdictions, by our own still fragile thoughts, our feeling and our will forces, respectively as the Three Sectors of the Economic, Judicial and Cultural life? Do we have the inner courage and fortitude to take sovereign responsibility as sovereign beings for each of the three Sectors? 

Can we recognize that,  by thus doing, we will allow for each of the Sectors to shine in their true glory – in service of Dorothy and all of the others souls on this Earth who are prepared to rebel, to not accept the imposed poverty of the World, ride off on their own, to dream the dream and have their eyes opened on the other side of the Rainbow, when their “house” – the Earthly body – falls on the Wicked Witch of the East, and begins to bring fear and terror into the heart of her sister the Wicked Witch of the West.

These are the questions we meet.  This is our journey to Oz – following the Yellow Brick Road of Gold as being the symbol for the Wisdom needed for redeeming Oz and melting down the Wicked Witch of the West.

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