Tools for Becoming a Tide-Turner

The more than astute Professor of Psychology Dr. Mattias Desmet from Ghent University in Belgium has held several interviews and podcasts about the theory of Mass Formation Hypnosis and has now authored a book named The Psychology of Totalitarianism – which has not yet reached my desk.  What is clear from the multiple online interviews,Continue reading “Tools for Becoming a Tide-Turner”

How long is 800 years? Part Two

According to the Germanic Tribes “Rights” were something which each man and woman intrinsically possessed.  One did not have to argue or discuss about what was “right” or righteous, because everyone could feel it within themselves.  At the same time the inherent inalienable and autonomic “rights” not only came from the Gods, but the GodsContinue reading “How long is 800 years? Part Two”

How long is 800 years? Part One

There is seldom a story more potent – more empowering and vitalizing in the search for an understanding of our present-day Social Life Predicament – than that which is veiled within the century long – and in some ways perhaps even ongoing conflict and spiritual battle – between Roman Conquest and the Ancient Germanic Tribes. Continue reading “How long is 800 years? Part One”

Who is the Scarecrow, the Tinman and the Lion?

Part Three of “Oz” Posts – Let us return again to the Scarecrow the Tinman and the Cowardly Lion.  Who are they and what do the represent?  We remember that the Scarecrow constantly complained about his lack of a brain. In spite of this fact, it was often the Scarecrow who was clever enough to findContinue reading “Who is the Scarecrow, the Tinman and the Lion?”

Further Secrets to be Gleaned from the Wizard of Oz

Part Two of “Oz” Posts – More is to be uncovered from the story of the Wizard of Oz, this is in any case certain. Who are these helpful and at the same time sometimes almost pitiful characters who Dorothy meets on her way to find the Wizard? And who is Dorothy herself? There areContinue reading “Further Secrets to be Gleaned from the Wizard of Oz”

Welcome to the “Reclaimed Society and Establishment of the Three Sectors” Blog!

Part One of “Oz” Posts – During the last 42 years, I have been researching the “hidden knowledge” of the Three Social Sectors. You may never have heard much about this before, but that is only because this knowledge is so powerful, that if we begin to manifest but a small part of the wisdomContinue reading “Welcome to the “Reclaimed Society and Establishment of the Three Sectors” Blog!”