Tools for Becoming a Tide-Turner

The more than astute Professor of Psychology Dr. Mattias Desmet from Ghent University in Belgium has held several interviews and podcasts about the theory of Mass Formation Hypnosis and has now authored a book named The Psychology of Totalitarianism – which has not yet reached my desk.  What is clear from the multiple online interviews, however, is that it is widely accepted amongst scholars of psychology, that, what one could describe as “invisible forces” have an inestimable and undeniable affect upon society at large – upon our minds, our ability to think clearly, our ability to act at all, our ability to carry out rational actions – and more.  He relates that it is known how to create a Mass Formation Hypnosis in Society at large, how it has been utilized in the past and was then craftfully implemented by the likes of a Stalin in Russia, a Hitler in Nazi Germany and a Khomeini in Iran. 

There are certain recognized elements which need to be fulfilled in order to move the human masses into a hypnotic state.  In this hypnotic state one is no longer able to think clearly.  One is moved into a state of irrational fear and in this condition, one is even capable of harming oneself, harming one’s loved ones, doing things which make no rational sense -simply to conform to a narrative.

These elements are intangible but palpable.  They show how invisible forces can work upon mankind with devastating effects.

The first component necessary is a widespread human “isolation”.  In the times leading up to the last two and a half years of unspeakably tragic events, one knew that a large percentage of the people on the Earth felt isolated.  In answering questionnaires, they stated that they did not have even one meaningful relationship and that their entire social life existed through the internet.

The second constituent necessary for priming and cultivating the Mass Formation is equally difficult to grasp with your fingers or to measure on a scale but is highly potent – this being the lack of meaningfulness in people’s lives.  When asked, over 60% of the population declared that they felt that their daily jobs were meaningless.

When these conditions are sufficiently present in society – widespread isolation and a lack of meaning-making, then there appears a third element as if on its own and this he calls “free floating fear”.  Free floating fear is a fear and anxiety which comes to live in people, and which they do not know where it comes from.  This free-floating fear can be present to a very high degree in such a way that it limits the ability of the human mind to function.

Then, when – as in the present situation –  the self-proclaimed masters of the universe should begin to attempt to misuse the media to “suggest” a huge peril, a danger, something which all should be even more afraid of than the unknown fear which is already living in the men and women with lives which they themselves define as being “meaningless”, then this newly presented, suggested, hypnotic frequent repetition of phrases and jingles simply takes over the human ability of rational thinking and the usage of common sense. 

Those who do not fall into the Mass Formation Hypnosis are then unable to talk to those who buy into the narrative.  They cannot discuss with them or try to show them the lack of logic in their actions,  and it is useless to try to use rational arguments with these tragic victims of the hypnosis  –  largely due to the fact that these people now have something which they can focus on exclusively and identify as the supposed “actual fear”.  They suddenly belong to a “collective” force – when before they were isolated.  They feel one with the crowd whereas they were “alone” before. The narrative which they fall into becomes the meaningful element of their lives.  Moreover, they do not wish to leave the hypnotic state, because they do not wish to go back to the lives they were living before.  They still do not have true meaningful individual relationships, but the power of the relationship they have made to the “collective” is so strong that it becomes a mighty placebo for individual person to person relationships and meaningful social interactions.

For those interested in the reclaiming of society this is highly thought-provoking and motivating information.  It makes it clear what a potent affect the three forces of Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood will have when “unleashed” upon Mankind in a meaningful manner.  One can actually jump up and down with joy as one can see that it is not at all difficult to begin to turn the tide of destruction and devastation, simply by introducing forces which are borne out of respect for, love and recognition of the inherent dignity of each man, woman and child upon the Earth.

This knowledge which Mattias Desmet has shared in such a profound manner is almost like a compass and pathfinder for the now undeniably necessary renovation and reclaiming work.  One no longer needs to question whether or not invisible forces have an effect upon humanity.  We can see it in front of our very eyes.  Moreover, we can realize the undeniable necessity of unleashing forces of a completely other magnitude and moral fortitude.

Freedom, equality and brotherhood in their respective social spheres reveal themselves as the commonsense equation for social renewal.

How to replace isolation with interaction?  Inject free-floating freedom into the cultural and spiritual life so that men and women can meet and interact in areas of common interest and common motivation.  A free and thriving cultural life is invigorating for each individual.  Upon meeting his own inner needs through cultural and spiritual development, he or she is able to then begin to meet with and associate with others in the social spaces – following his own needs for growth and thriving.

How to dissolve meaninglessness?  An individual who has contact with the freedom of his own inner being – which he achieves in the cultural sphere – will begin to recognize and create meaning in life.  He or she will realize that meaning in life is brought through his or her own inner development, but then comes to fruition together with others through meaningful social interaction.  One of the most meaningful things we can do on the Earth is to be actively aware that we are here for each other, that we are not isolated atomized beings, but are here to support and bear each other forwards either inwardly or outwardly. Another way to do this is by injecting the spirit of Solidarity into the Social Life sphere of manufacturing and production where through the already present division of work and labor we are actively taking care of each other.  Release this sphere from the illusion that it can only function if we allow unbound egoism to reign, and meaningfulness will begin to blossom in life.

Fear – moreover the free-floating fear of something unknown which make men and women feel as if they do not have control and then unleashes frustration, anger and violence – will dissipate as a force which is attempting to highjack society – when men and women begin to realize that they can work together to achieve common goals, to heal the Earth and Nature – to heal each other.

Reclaiming Society will be a work of restoration. There is much to be done.  Let us go forwards – inspired by Mattias Desmet and his analysis of how the dark is at work – but ourselves armed with free-floating tools for bringing light again into this World.

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