Turning the Tide

For those who live in Scandinavia the intense and dramatic ascent of the Sun and with it the increase in light hours occurring in the weeks leading up to Mid-Summer cannot be ignored.  Not only do the days become noticeably longer and longer, but the Sunrise and Sunset location move significantly towards the North in such a manner that the glow of the Sunset blends into the glow of the Sunrise along  the northern hemisphere and the darkness of Night subsides for many weeks being replaced by a glimmering light which dims as the Sun dips below the Northern horizon. 

Sleep in the Summer becomes short and light. One can stay out in the garden working happily until what would otherwise be night – not wishing for the bed and sleep, but peaceably at home in the shimmer which one wishes to drink in and to retain.

Yet, ever so clearly descends the Sun again.  The nights are noticeably longer even one week after the Saint John’s Eve Festival when the Danish people still light the magnificent fires along the coast of this land with as many islands and miles of coastline as Greece – fires which are an outwards sign of the force of transformation  –  of trees being brought to ash through the flames and embers. Ash – the all-renewing force which brings new life.

As a small child I looked at the photos which my Grandmother had of herself, her sisters and family when growing up.  I was drawn to the pictures of her Aunts and Uncles, her own Grandparents and Cousins just as the Sun draws one out into the heights in the Summer.  They drew me into a world I clearly did not know at all.  Not only were their attire – their clothing so much different than that which I saw around me, but their faces, expressions, posture and bearing all bore witness to a life which no longer existed – something which already then was beyond grasp.  My Great-grandfather had bought himself a camera in the days before most of the world not yet knew this device – and therefore my Grandmother had photos of herself as a child – holding a tiny chick, sitting and playing outside in the dust with her brother – photos which in their fascination made me feel isolated and alone whilst wondering:  where is the world of which we are now bereft?

Aware as I still am of this feeling of loss of a world which we can never again retain – a world in which children and adults still lived as in a dream  – not noticing that the world in which they lived then was already diminishing and fading away in front of their very eyes, in the same manner in which water runs through ones fingers when one tries to capture it on the beach –  I was awed by words I recently read – which Rudolf Steiner stated already a century ago – saying:  “after one hundred years civilization as we know it will no longer exist.”

During the last century we have been witnesses to the decimation of civilization and social customs, bonds and connections.  This annihilation of the active and concrete bonds of connectivity which were the internal driving forces for man’s entire social life- not only in respect to his immediate family, kinsman and local community but the bonds which keep man connected to who he actually is – this well-planned extermination of social interaction and connections has accelerated to a literal global feeding frenzy of violence and destruction during the recent two and a half years. 

Civilization has evaporated in front of our very eyes at a rate which no one is measuring – no one can actually measure or fathom.  This destruction of civilization is something which we are all part of – we unconsciously facilitate this work with each of our daily actions and will continue to do this until we begin to manifest activities which reflect and bear the intention of turning the tide.

All tides turn.  This is a simple fact.  Mid-Summer which comes at that moment when the Sun has risen to its zenith and remains poised at this height for three days until the ancient festival of Saint John – this event occurring in the sign of Cancer has been described in symbolic language by mankind for thousands of years as a time best represented in the sign of the inwards and outwards spiral        

– similar to the ancient Chinese symbol for yin and yang.  What unfurls will one day turn in upon itself, spiral back towards its origins and descend.

The present century long event of an ever-accelerating ascension to untold violence and suffering – of death and destruction – to which we are currently witnesses however, is but a depraved and degenerate shadow of the forces which in reality are present for healing society.  But the turning of the tide for renewing the social life can first initiate within the minds – and more importantly within the hearts of men and women.

What is this human “heart”? 

Who pays attention to the fact that a heart can never be and never has been a pump?  We all had to diligently learn this trite myth in school – had to memorize the answer for some irrelevant tests – that the heart “pumps” the blood.  Even though any graduate of a basic high-school physics class or a casual student of logical thinking could easily calculate the resistance of the flow of blood in the recognized collective distance of 100,000 miles of ever narrowing capillaries in the body to be beyond the “strength” of any human organ, “science” diligently attempts to keep this myth alive.  This too, in spite of the fact that the blood flow – including the emergence of the rhythmical pulsation of the blood within the embryo is visible before the emergence of the organ of the heart.  These facts alone should immediately awaken one to the existence of another force which is actively creating the blood flow and pulse than just a simple pumping organ.  Can it be so absurd – to search for this force outside of the heart itself?   No one has gone searching for a physical “organ” which supposedly “pumps” the ebb and flow of the tides of the collective oceans and lakes of the world.

The heart itself tells us what it actually is.  As beautifully described by the Spanish Doctor Francisco Torrent Guasp, the heart is formed through a spiraling motion – it is a helical knot.  This doctor untied it – revealing the underlying form of an inwards convoluting and outwards uncoiling and unfurling spiral.  With each heart beat we re-live life at the zenith of ascending and descending forces.


Dr. Jaap van der Wal, the famous embryologist, has related in many lectures that the heart is the only “muscle” in the body in which all of its muscle fibers rhythmically contract and relax with each and every beat. The heart endures or rather pre-lives the whole-body relaxation and the following rigor mortis, which our entire body endures at death, each time it beats.  Normally only a small fraction of the entire fibers in a muscle contract at one time during exertion. The remainder of the time – most muscle fibers are resting and regenerating. The heart is in-itself a hyper-exerted muscle – never shy of full activation.

Mysteriously also,  the heart is actually a striated muscle.  The striated skeletal muscles are the ones we can consciously engage  for our movement and activities. On the other hand, all  of our other internal organs are known to be smooth muscles.   The smooth muscles are beyond the reach of our conscious control.  The fact that the heart is already a muscle similar to those which we have conscious access to, indicates that the heart is not only prepared to be an organ of change – an organ for renewal – but one which, in the future,

 we can be in active control of –  in maintaining its rhythmically beating pulse – even 100 times per minute.

These images of a helically formed heart –  facilitating the movement of the blood in an inwards and outwards going spiral bring us to the origin of the tide turning forces which slumber within each man and woman.  We can bring these forces to life and activate them, when this activity has first emerged in our hearts and minds. 

Unlike the Sun whose movements are bound to the magnificent forces of harmony evident in all the manifestations within the Natural World – which rises to the heaven’s zenith and sets each day, which ascends in the Summer and descends in the Winter – the demise of a Society being subject to an onslaught of forces of violence and destruction driving mankind into a fear ridden disparity – the descent of this race to the abyss can only be turned when the node – the “turning point” as it were is uncovered within the hearts of men and women.

Society can be re-born.  Each of us is re-born each morning when we awake, and it is then we can feel the forces of renewal and re-juvenation working within us.  Our heart dies – and we die unconsciously with our heart – each time it goes into utter relaxation of the first death moment and a second time when every fiber contracts.   Mysteriously our heart is brought to life again before the next pulse and round of contraction. 

The heart as being an organ for the future, can tell us what to do in order to bring about a renewal of Society.  The heart is selfless – it brings life to all the other organs and tissues of the body.  It can renew where renewal is needed, it not only maintains all activities which builds new structures but can remove and transport that which we no longer need away to be disposed of.

At the same time, it is the vehicle for feelings which can bear the renewal of Society as a whole.  Society can be re-birthed through an inner recognition of who we actually are.  This inner recognition leads us further to a recognition of who the others around us are.  We feel our equality in our justification for being here on the Earth.  We all possess an equal and sovereign Right to Life and a second one – the Right to not be inflicted damage by the remainder of Society. We do not have to ask anyone or to beg anyone for this Right.  It is God given and all possess it.

The recognition of the right to life has consequences. 

These consequences cannot be fathomed by the likes of men such as Nestle’s previous CEO Peter Brabeck-Letmathe who openly declared in a few videos still to be found online that it is an illusion to think that one has an intrinsic “right” to water.  He declared water to be a monetized commodity to be placed into the hands of multinational companies.  Of course, when doing so, he also maintained and implied that no one has a right to food or to shelter or to clothing either.  If this man started a mass shooting spree in Geneva Switzerland, all would be outraged.  In reality, however, with such words he is handing out guns to most of the world’s population so that they can begin shooting themselves in the head by giving up their implicit right to life.

It is an illusion to maintain that any company CEO no matter how large, how rich, or on the other hand, how well disguised as a “government agency”, can take the right to life away from any man, woman or child. 

We can leave no stone unturned in the process of re-discovering what it is we all actually have a right to.  The entire society of the entire world’s populations can be rebuilt upon the recognition of the two fundamental human rights stated above, which each of us equally possess.

Uncovering what beats within our human hearts, charts the pathways for societal renewal and for reclaiming that which is ours and which cannot be taken away. Uncovering what beats within the heart becomes a basis for the Social Legal and Rights Sphere which will be reborn through the undeniable recognition of equality of Rights for each man, woman and child.

The heart can understand that this equality of Rights also gives birth to undeniable freedom for each man, woman and child within the cultural and spiritual life spheres:  the freedom to uncover and to fulfill their own unsatiable desire for development, knowledge and creative autonomy.

And lastly the heart knows that no man, woman or child with the inborn Right to Life can be denied access to the Earth’s resources for sustainment of that life in such a way which allows for thriving within the two other inherent social spheres.

The Wonderful Medical Illustrations by Laura Maaske


One thought on “Turning the Tide

  1. Dette indlæg er så smukt og helt fantastisk. Lad os værne om vore hjerte kræfter, så vi undgår at blive hjemløse. Hjertet er vores mulighed for at praktisere uselvisk kærlighed.


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