How long is 800 years? Part Two

According to the Germanic Tribes “Rights” were something which each man and woman intrinsically possessed.  One did not have to argue or discuss about what was “right” or righteous, because everyone could feel it within themselves.  At the same time the inherent inalienable and autonomic “rights” not only came from the Gods, but the Gods required that one uphold the inherent rights of each Tribe member.  If one did not decide and act righteously then the entire universe would shift into disaccord!

In Rome however, you had to be a “citizen” to have any rights at all.  There were courts and trials where – even if you thought you had rights – these could be taken from you. You had to have privileges, riches or be part of some royalty to be able to protect or fight for your rights.  You had to pay unvoluntary taxes without having a voice. You could make a “testament” and determine what happened with your “money” and “property” after you died.

The Germanic peoples knew about money and often melted it down to make jewelry or sacrificed it to the Gods, but most of all:  Land could not be owned!  The Earth was a Sanctuary and Holy Being! One could not sell “titles” to lands drawn up with boarders.  All the Germanic peoples belonged to the land and the land belonged to the peoples. Everyone was “en-titled” to Land.  In the Assemblies or “Thing” one decided upon usage rights depending upon the size of the family and household.  Woods, streams and rivers – these all were “Almen” – shared areas for hunting and fishing.  It was an unimaginable provocation that anyone would come and take away the lands, draw boarders and remove the right to something that these peoples knew they had an inalienable right to – the land – which bore for them the lives they knew they had a right to.

The Social Life Foundation was the extended family, blood lines and tribe.  Daily life was organized around the Tribe life and the Rites and Rituals of the Tribe were the basis for everyone’s existence.  In the Tribe the men were both warriors and full-bodied decision makers with unanimous decisions made in the Holy Sanctuaries under Oak trees, within Holy Rings, in battle attire.

The Royalty by birth within the Tribes had forefathers who were descended from the Gods – but in order for any of the Royalty to become a Tribe Leader they would need to be elected by unanimous vote by the “Thing” gatherings.  It is here that the entire Western Thought about law begins to be turned inside out! The leaders were not elected in order to make decisions for all the other Thing members but were elected in order to ensure that the unanimous decisions and verdicts of the Thing were carried out appropriately and in accordance with the law.  In this way we can see that today’s understanding and acceptance of what so-called government officials may or may not do in our names is but a withered travesty in respect to the inherent understanding of the Germanic Tribe men and women.  No selected leader could tell any Tribe member what to do, collect taxes, enforce any laws without already having the unanimous support of the “Thing”.  The members of the Thing were all sovereign and they intended to remain so.

These tribes were agriculturally based, meaning they utilized the land for farming.  When the land was no longer fertile, they would pick up and move, clear forests for new farming and begin again.  Land ownership was an absolutely abhorrent thought for the Germanic Spirit!  All men and women required access to land in order to live, so therefore land was distributed fairly. Nobody starved unless all were starving, no man or woman was cast out into poverty and death.

The house and the farmyard were owned – holy and private, however.   No one could infringe upon another man’s home.  The home was also under the jurisdiction of Spiritual Beings connected to the ancestors and could simply not be invaded upon without violating divine order. 

In this way we can see that the Germanic relation to our own modern so-called idea of “private property” was much more differentiated than the ideas which we are so enamored with today.  We now have accepted the idea of Roman Property Rights around this planet Earth and accept that these so-called acquisitions of “property rights” can send millions of men, women and children into Favelas and the destitution of shanty towns.

In reality the so-called private property rights and the capitalization of land as a “commodity” has come to mean that 99% of the men and women do not “own” any property at all but that the rich and richer, monetized funds, insurance funds, hedged funds, – all are able to acquire as much of the farmland, houses, flats, city plots, manufacturing entities, more or less at the rate which they wish to do it, both through creating clandestine property ownership laws, land grabs, rigged riots –  and through the creation rate of the capital flows through their own hands. 

It is but a caricaturized appeal to ancient Germanic understanding when the World Economic Forum declared in their sleek marketing videos: “You will not own anything, and you will be happy”.   Agenda 21 and the “UN 17 World Goals” are also pushing to remove the access of the entire world’s population to all the Earth’s land by bringing it under the power or jurisdiction of huge corporate funds and “stake holders”.  Strange enough that now Bill Gates has become the largest owner of farmland in the USA.

The inherent Germanic understanding – which was intrinsically anchored in his entire being – was the belonging of each and every man, women and child to the Earth. 

These somewhat nomadic, though farming based Germanic and Scandinavian tribes resisted the Romans in order to maintain their way of life and the way of their heart and understanding – which was so entirely contrary to the Roman Caesar Rule – and their Gods protected them.

Can our bare hands again raise the Stones,

Our hearts rear mountains from depths of Earth?

Can thoughts unbury Sacred Springs and Holy Fountains flowing?

Groves shrouded be in each of us, awaiting an unveiling.

The Sanctuaries are no longer visible to our eyes. They cannot be found in woodlands, on mounds and in quiet groves.  But in each of us dwells the inner lawful righteousness yearning to be expressed in the Social Life.

The legitimacy of Roman Rule – both blatant and concealed – is over.  Each concession made to the continuance of their antiquated form of social domination of a self-appointed few will only bring the ultimate demise of any semblance of civilization as we know it.  The Spirit of Roman Rule is now revealing its true and unmasked colors.  The codified laws and quasi-governmental regulations and restrictions on livelihood and freedom emerging from the various entities with names encapsuled in abbreviations such as:  WEF, UN, EU, UCC, WHO, BIS, ECB, IMF – they have no lawfulness – neither Spiritual nor Moral to rule over any living man or woman – and they bring no hope, no vision for the future of Mankind.

Let us not drag the stinking carcass of Roman Rule into the future life on this Earth.  Let us bury it deep, let the dirges be sung!

Knowing that the Tribal Societies of Earlier Peoples – where the blood lines were so strong that none could question the interconnectivity through the families – cannot be resurrected. 

Today each man and woman stands for himself – stands alone.  As the blood-lines dissolve, the I AM speaks intimately – from within – calling out for new social forms as a revelation of the inner voice of love for the entire human family.

Enshrouded in this profound lone-liness, each of us can be a truthful inheritor of Germanic Law and Rights.  When we wander the Sanctuaries and Holy Places of our own inner selves, the social life will be transformed and reborn in a finer and more intimately structured differentiation than we ever knew before – based upon the observation of the fundamental variation existent within our relationships to one another in the Three Social Spheres. 

We find Righteousness within the Judicial and Law Sphere when inalienable Equality becomes the substance and structure of the relationships between each man and woman regardless of their intellectual, economic or ancestral stand.  The only law within the Judicial Sphere which can find validity is a law which furthers equality of treatment.  The Right of all men and women to life, to prosperity and equality before the law becomes an equality so encompassing that it will not allow for individual harm.

Inalienable Freedom is the intrinsic structure of the Cultural Sphere; men and women cannot be held back or subdued to submissiveness – but need to flourish in the Spirit of anarchistic individual freedom within all that could be defined as belonging to the Cultural Life.  The Cultural Life is the life of intangibles, non-material productivity – creativity and artistry, medicine, learning and science.

Brotherhood and Altruism is the only structuring force which can reclaim and newly form the – by inherent definition common and shared – Economic Sphere.  No structure but altruism within this Sphere where we produce and share with one another the goods of our labor will bring prosperity and ensure a thriving inner development for each of mankind’s children.  Brotherhood as the structure within the economic life ensures the absolute freedom of the cultural sphere and the equality which each of us will experience in forming the law and standing within the law.

Let us regain the Sanctuaries – first within the deep peace and understanding of our own inner hearts beat.  Then, being discovered, unveil the mysteries of a Social Life understanding so profound, that none will wish to tarry any further, but stride forward to the manifestation of what the only hope for a future will bring.

(All the Pictures are from Externsteine in Germany)

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